10th Negotiation Session

Our tenth bargaining session with Bristow, seeking improvements to our existing Collective Bargaining Agreement has concluded. Your Union and Company representatives met Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of this week in Lafayette, Louisiana.

We began once again with lively discussions about represented employee safety and security, in particular on international assignment. Please note that this remains a VOLUNTARY ASSIGNMENT. The Company has told us they are putting together a indoctrination package so everyone will know about safe areas, Red Zones, potential diseases, etc. You can also check out the U.S. State Department website for updated information, see below for the link and this excerpt from that page:

While we had previously reported we were close to an agreement on Articles 8 and 16, unfortunately the Company has backtracked and want complete control of job bidding and training with total disregard for seniority.

We are currently engaged in the final stages of negotiations. If the Company is unwilling to negotiate in achieving a mutually agreeable contract, we may be forced into moderation with the National Mediation Board. While this can e a costly process, your negotiating team will continue to work diligently to reach an end result that the Union can recommend for your acceptance and ratification.

The parties have tentatively scheduled our next bargaining session for

As always, we will keep you promptly advised with timely Union Negotiation Updates shorty after each bargaining session.

In Solidarity,

Your OPEIU Local 407 Bargaining Team

Paul Rivait

Chad Prejean

George Evans