The Executive Board is responsible for establishing the number and apportionment of Stewards for our Local. [Article VIII Section 12 of the Constitution and Bylaws of OPEIU Local 407]. After much discussion we have determined that the apportionment should be as follows;

  • For ARA the apportionment will be set by the different cadres and work schedules.  Due to the fact that there are some cadres within ARA that encompass only one or two employees, we have grouped these cadres with other, like, cadres.  These groupings are…
  • Group A (includes Groups E&G)
  • Group B
  • Group C
  • Group D
  • Group H (includes Group L)

Each of these groups will have one (1) Steward with the exception of Groups A which will have two (2) Stewards.  This is due to the different work schedules (7&7, 9-80 and 5&2) and large number of employees in these groups.

For America’s (Field Employees) the apportionment will be set by geographical location, the number of Represented Employees at each geographical location and work schedules (7&7 14&14 5&2 and 4&3).  These locations and apportionment have been set as follows:

Intracoastal City (ICY)

  • One Steward per schedule

Galliano (GNO)

  • Two per schedule.  One Steward per schedule for North Hangar and one Steward per schedule for South Hangar. Total of four.

Brazoria (BRZ) Galveston (GLS)

  • One per schedule

Venice (VEN)

  • One per schedule

The Steward of each group will be selected by and within each group.  Volunteers will greatly appreciated and will be the first consideration for Stewards.  Should there be more than one volunteer within any group, then that group will hold an election to determine the Steward.  In the event there are no volunteers, the steward can be selected from the consensus, or the majority of opinion, within the group.  No one will be forced into becoming a Steward.  However, it is important that each group have a steward to handle the day to day issues that may arise.  Please contact the Local 407 E-board with the Steward selection.  Training will be conducted by the OPEIU International Union.