** Merger Information **

On this page, you will find information relating to the merger between Bristow and Era as it relates to you, the Mechanics and Technical Staff of Bristow and Legacy Era. Being we work in the transportation industry, we are covered under the Railway Labor Act which is facilitated by the National Mediation Board.


26 January 2021- NMB Authorization of Election

16 December 2020- Letter to Bristow mechanics and Technical Staff on Representation Vote

2 December 2020- NMB Single Carrier Determination for Bristow/Era

19 November 2020- Amended WARN Letter for New Iberia

19 November 2020- Amended WARN Letter for Galliano

9 July 2020- OPEIU Merger Bulletin #2

6 July 2020- OPEIU Files Application for Investigation of Representation Dispute with the National Mediation Board

6 July 2020- Certificate of Service

6 July 2020- Cover Letter to National Mediation Board

25 June 2020- Update on meeting with new Bristow Management Team

29 May 2020- OPEIU Local 407 Merger Bulletin #1

28 May 2020- Frequently Asked Questions about the Merger

Current Collective Bargaining Agreement between OPEIU Local 407 and Bristow US. LLC