Workgroup Integration Update

The following link will open a Frequently Asked Questions document that hopefully answers some of the questions everyone has about the pending workgroup integration.

I know from talking with many of you, that the biggest fear about being a member of a Union is that as a junior member you may be furloughed. That is a valid concern, but being furloughed can happen with or without a Union Contract. And Federal Law requires workgroup integration during a merger, regardless of whether there is a Union in place or not.

The difference is, with a Collective Bargaining Agreement, you will have certain rights and privileges that you would not otherwise have. Rights such as being recalled before the Company can hire someone new to replace you if you are furloughed. Guaranteed Salary, Paid Time Off, and Insurance benefits that with a CBA the Company could change on a whim. Most importantly though is the fact that YOU HAVE A VOICE in the matter!

Our OPEIU International Representatives, along with the Executive Boards of both Local 407 (Technical Staff) and Local 107 (Pilots) have been negotiating with the Company to address this integration issue. This will include a Voluntary Severance Plan (VSP) for furloughed employees. Click the link to read the FAQ.

If anyone has any questions or concerns, please contact us as soon as possible.