I want to make sure everyone is updated with the latest news on the VSP. We received the list of names of those who accepted the packages. They are currently waiting on receipt of two more, but the Company tells us they have contacted those individuals and confirmed the packages were sent but simply have not arrived in Houston yet due to the weather situation last week.

The totals are as follows:
130 Mechanics for a total of $8,629,917.27
60 Pilots for a total of $3,176,302.92
Combined Total 190 employees for a total of $11,806,220.19

None of this would have been possible or even considered had we not had our Union. If the vote fails now, will the new management give the employees that remain the same offer in case of more layoffs? Will they put it in writing? If you can get that in writing, then congratulations! You have just bargained the first Article of a Union Contract. And having a Union is what makes your voice count!