Do we have an anti-union campaign on our hands?

Recently, several negative comments on another forum have been directed at your Union leadership. Unfounded rumors, and outright lies have been spread around the workplace. For what reason you might ask? Because of control, plain and simple. Certain members of management want to gain control of this Union by placing people on the Executive Board that they feel would be more sympathetic to them and allow management to do whatever they feel is in their best interest, not yours. Giving away your PTO, reductions in pay, eliminating any type of seniority, are just for starters, and I might add are things the Company already asked the current E-board. We declined to give away your rights and benefits, but will the next Executive Board do the same?

How did this happen? Management identifies people that are out for themselves first and foremost from the membership. They are under the delusion that they are “special” and somehow more valuable to the Company. Some of these members, your co-workers, are actively working to undermine your Union. The Company will also prop some of these puppets up in “supervisory” roles giving these people the appearance of power along with a little extra cash on each paycheck. These tools then go out and criticize the Union to reduce the solidarity and making it easier for the Company to gain control of the Executive Board.

Divide and conquer is right out of any military strategist handbook as well as the union buster in the video above. The best way to fight against this tactic to to keep the members informed of what’s going on.

It’s up to you to keep the solidarity that has kept your PTO and pay intact. It is your Union, and should not to be controlled by Company connivance. This is our Union, and we need to keep this Union free from management control and influence.