7th Negotiation Session Update

Our seventh bargaining session with Bristow, seeking improvements to our existing Collective Bargaining Agreement has concluded. Your Union and Company representatives met Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of this week in Lafayette, Louisiana.

We began once again with lively discussions around seniority and the bidding process. We are pleased to report that both sides are working together and are close to achieving an agreeable compromise on Article 8 and Article 16. We are also pleased to report we were able to tentatively agree on the language of Article 29.

We will be meeting with the Company on July 16th to get a financial report prior to presenting our economic proposals.

We have entered a difficult and critical stage of the negotiation process. Your negotiating team will continue to work diligently to reach an end result that the Union can recommend for your acceptance and ratification.

The parties have scheduled our next bargaining session for August 21st thru the 23rd.

As always, we will keep you promptly advised with timely Union Negotiation Updates shortly after each bargaining session.

In Solidarity,
Your OPEIU Local 407 Bargaining Team
George Evans
Paul Rivait
Chad Prejean

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