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3rd Bargaining Session

We are pleased to report our third bargaining session with Bristow, seeking improvements to our existing Collective Bargaining Agreement has concluded with two more tentative agreements reached. Your Union and Company representatives met on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of this week in Lafayette, Louisiana.

This session, the Company and Union tentatively agreed on language in the following articles:

During this session, we were also able to hold a Labor/Management meeting, and discussed
issues that have been brought to the E-board on your behalf. We had very productive talks in this regard and hope to resolve any future issues in a similar and timely manner.

The parties look forward to our next bargaining session with Bristow, scheduled for August 29th
thru 31st.

As always, we will keep you promptly advised with timely Union Negotiation Updates shorty after each bargaining session.

In Solidarity,
Your OPEIU Local 407 Bargaining Team
Paul Rivait
George Evans
Chad Prejean


Negotiations begin

Well folks, we’ve made it through our first contract. The negotiation team has started working on drafting new proposals to our second contract, and will begin meeting with the Company very soon. I want to thank you, the members, for your input and encourage more of the same as we work through this negotiation period.


Make no mistake, this will take a while to work out the details. Negotiation is a give and take action. But we will come out the other side of this in a better place than we were before we started.


As before, it is in the Unions best interest to not discuss every detail of these meetings. But rest assured, we will keep you updated on our progress.


In solidarity,

George Evans