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FFP: The Buck Stops with Me

Aviation Maintenance Technicians (AMTs) and other industry personnel have the technical knowledge to safely perform their jobs, so why does failure to follow procedure (FFP) remain a leading cause in administrative actions? Knowledge of how to perform the job isn’t enough.

Reducing FFP events and improving an organization’s safety culture require continuous effort and a shared commitment to creating a culture of procedure following and becoming safety champions. Workers at all levels must work together and be able to prompt one another to follow procedures at all times. We must all understand that when it comes to FFP: the Buck Stops with Me!

The training is available for download from the FAA’s Human Factors in Aviation Maintenance website

| Safer Skies Through Education

or directly at: FFP: The Buck Stops with Me

9th Negotiations Update

November 1, 2018
To: All OPEIU Local 407 members:

Our ninth bargaining session with Bristow, seeking improvements to our existing Collective
Bargaining Agreement has concluded. Your Union and Company representatives met Tuesday,
Wednesday, and Thursday of this week in Lafayette, Louisiana. This week, we presented our proposals on the financial package and Article 23 Overtime as well as continued discussion on Article 8 Bidding.

Our financial proposal consisted of many of the issues you have requested, such as:
• Article 11- Simplifying the PTO bidding system
• Article 18- Improvements to the Severance Pay
• Article 20- Modest base salary increase
• Article 21- Additional Supplemental Pay
• Article 22- Quarterly Safety Bonus and a Longevity Bonus
• Article 25- Increases to the per diem rate both domestic and international
• Article 26- Guarantees and Improvement of our Insurance Benefit

As you can see from our updated Status of Negotiations all Articles except Duration have been presented.

We will continue reaching out to you for input on what matters are most important to you, the
Union members. Always remember, “You are the Union” and your negotiating team will continue to work diligently to reach an end result that we can recommend for your acceptance and ratification.Due to scheduling conflicts, the parties have scheduled our next bargaining session for February 19 thru 21, 2019.

As always, we will keep you promptly advised with timely Union Negotiation Updates shorty after each bargaining session.

In Solidarity,
Your OPEIU Local 407 Bargaining Team
George Evans
Paul Rivait
Chad Prejean