President’s message

Greetings to all, Wednesday August 20th we held our first, quarterly, general membership meeting.  The agenda for this meeting was to inaugurate and swear in the Executive Board consisting of:

  • Paul Rivait: President
  • George Evans: Vice President
  • Ted Drott: Secretary Treasurer
  • Keith Guidry: Recording Secretary
  • Shannon Breath: Trustee 1
  • Ty Foxworthy: Trustee 2
  • Danny Massey; Trustee 3

Although we took the oath of office we will not be officially instated until August 25th, pending the 14 day waiting period from the time of election IAW with our constitution.  On behalf of the E-Board I want to thank everyone for your support and to let you know that your Executive Board is committed to serving you.

 A web site has been built by VP George Evans. Right now parts of the site are still under construction but will contain lots of information as we move forward.  Among the features on the site, there is a link to i-connect, a link to the OPEIU site and a link to access your company e-mail.  there are also links for contacting each member of the E-Board on the Contact Us page.  Going forward we ask that all correspondence be directed to these email addresses.  Again, thanks for you support.

Paul Rivait, President