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I want to make sure everyone is updated with the latest news on the VSP. We received the list of names of those who accepted the packages. They are currently waiting on receipt of two more, but the Company tells us they have contacted those individuals and confirmed the packages were sent but simply have not arrived in Houston yet due to the weather situation last week.

The totals are as follows:
130 Mechanics for a total of $8,629,917.27
60 Pilots for a total of $3,176,302.92
Combined Total 190 employees for a total of $11,806,220.19

None of this would have been possible or even considered had we not had our Union. If the vote fails now, will the new management give the employees that remain the same offer in case of more layoffs? Will they put it in writing? If you can get that in writing, then congratulations! You have just bargained the first Article of a Union Contract. And having a Union is what makes your voice count!

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Dear Era Mechanics and Technicians

With the Union election pending, some of you have asked “What can the Union do for me?” First, you MUST understand that YOU are The Union. You will be able to elect your Representatives. You will be able to vote on your contract and any future changes to that contract. Therefore, the more important question is, “What can a Union Contract do for me?”

A Union Contract allows you to have a legal voice regarding wages, benefits, and working conditions. Once a Union Contract is negotiated nothing in it can be changed without you agreeing to it.

Without a Contract, management is free to change, amend or modify any of your working conditions at any time without any input from you.

Every non-union company has an employment Policy Manual that defines wages, benefits, and working conditions for their workforce. But these Policy Manuals also have a section that states: Management reserves the right to change, amend, or modify any part of this policy manual at any time.

Senior management wants you to believe they will look after you and have made statements that are not factual in an effort to get you to vote against your own best interest.

Do you know the CEO and high-level managers have binding employment contracts, similar to Union Contracts, that provide them with employment guarantees? They protect themselves but want you to believe that you do not need the same thing.

If you have not done so yet, please visit our website to review the current Union Contract and remember everything negotiated in it is legally binding. Nothing can be changed without agreement from the mechanics and technicians.

So in these uncertain times with the merger, it seems now is the time for all of us to band together to ensure our wages, benefits, and working conditions remain secure and we are legally protected.

OPEIU Local 407 Yes!

A Better Future for all Mechanics and Technicians!

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Workgroup Integration Update

The following link will open a Frequently Asked Questions document that hopefully answers some of the questions everyone has about the pending workgroup integration.

I know from talking with many of you, that the biggest fear about being a member of a Union is that as a junior member you may be furloughed. That is a valid concern, but being furloughed can happen with or without a Union Contract. And Federal Law requires workgroup integration during a merger, regardless of whether there is a Union in place or not.

The difference is, with a Collective Bargaining Agreement, you will have certain rights and privileges that you would not otherwise have. Rights such as being recalled before the Company can hire someone new to replace you if you are furloughed. Guaranteed Salary, Paid Time Off, and Insurance benefits that with a CBA the Company could change on a whim. Most importantly though is the fact that YOU HAVE A VOICE in the matter!

Our OPEIU International Representatives, along with the Executive Boards of both Local 407 (Technical Staff) and Local 107 (Pilots) have been negotiating with the Company to address this integration issue. This will include a Voluntary Severance Plan (VSP) for furloughed employees. Click the link to read the FAQ.

If anyone has any questions or concerns, please contact us as soon as possible.

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Time to Vote!

Well folks, we finally have our chance to vote for continued representation! We have finally received the Authorization Letter from the National Mediation Board and have a date scheduled. The Notice and Sample Instructions will be sent out on February 11, 2021. The Voting Instructions will be mailed to the employees on February 18, 2021.
The voting period will be from 12:01 a.m., ET, February 18, 2021, through March 11, 2021.

The tally will take place at the Board’s offices on March 11, at 2 p.m., ET.

The time to stand up for yourself is NOW! Let the Company know you matter and have a vested interest in your future and family’s well-being!

So basically, it comes down to who do you trust for your future; yourself having a voice in it, or just taking whatever management feels like giving you until they get tired of you? We are currently working on a letter addressing these issues. It would be great if you could encourage other Era employees to send me an email so I can add them to the mailing list. Each email I send goes out as a Blind Carbon Copy, so no email information is shared if they are concerned about being found out by the Company. Right now, all anyone hears is what the Company wants them to hear. How can anyone make an informed decision without knowing all the facts?

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Welcome Era employees!

Welcome to our website. Feel free to look around our public areas where you will find our most recent Collective Bargaining Agreement.

As an employee represented by the Union, you can enjoy all the benefits of this  contract. This contract establishes your wages, hours, benefits, and working conditions, and also:

THE CONTRACT protects your seniority, which will become increasingly important to you the longer you are working for this employer;

THE CONTRACT outlines the process for integrating merging work forces, which is mandated by Federal Law to be fair and equitable to both groups;

THE CONTRACT prohibits discipline or discharge by your employer, except for just cause, once you have completed your probationary period;

THE CONTRACT provides for vacations paid for by your employer and negotiated by the Local Union;

THE CONTRACT establishes a grievance procedure with binding arbitration to take up and resolve your complaints in a way that gets results; and

THE CONTRACT provides many more benefits, all of which are detailed in the written agreement negotiated by the Local Union.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of being covered by a Local Union contract is the knowledge and security that the provisions cannot be changed whenever the employer decides. No changes can be made without negotiations with the Local Union. The Local Union and the employer do negotiate new agreements when the current agreements become amendable. At that time, we seek improvements in your wages and working conditions,  then the members get to vote on it.

Without a Union, employees are considered to be “at will” which means the Company can change any conditions or the pay-scale at a whim, and the employee is “at will” to leave if they don’t like it. Senior management of any company always has a contract for themselves, which gives them guaranteed benefits. So why shouldn’t all employees have similar protection?

In addition to the specific benefits of the Local Union contract, when you become a member of this Local Union, you will be able to:

VOTE YOUR CONSCIENCE on acceptance or rejection of proposed contracts that would set your wages, benefits and working conditions;

FULLY PARTICIPATE in Union activities including the development of contract proposals and the election of officers;

BENEFIT from numerous programs such as OPEIU scholarships, discount cards, discount coupons, and other services available only to Union members and their families.